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About Us - Sam Scott

Upland Dog Trainer

Dog Whisperer in Upland CA
Dog obedience training for real life.

Since 2008, Sam has brought his love and passion for relationships to the most practical of places... including the very homes of pet-owners across Southern California. As an expert in dog psychology, Sam shares your concerns for your pet and companion. Providing knowledge, practical insights, and the patience it takes to learn your unique situation, ADT can help you overcome any obstacle and create peace and calm in your home. From anxiety to aggression, and so much more, we are here to help!
We service Upland, Claremont, Rancho Cucamonga, Fontana, Ontario, Montclair, Glendora, La Verne, Pomona, San Dimas, Covina, and many other cities.

What is relationship-based obedience?

The goal of my training isn’t about teaching your dog to do, or not do certain things. It’s about helping you become the person your dog needs you to be. Communicating clearly to who your dog is, the things they need to understand in order to live happily with you in your home.


Why is leadership so important? Can’t we just be friends?

Dogs are pack animals. The pack is crucial to a dog’s physical and psychological well-being. In a dog pack, there is a leader that we call, “Alpha”. The leader brings order and a sense of security to the entire pack.  Many unwanted behaviors such as separation anxiety, overexcitement, excessive barking, and some forms of aggression are often the result of a dog not having clear leadership. If your dog doesn’t respect you, they will not listen to you.


How do I become the leader?

We must communicate with our dogs in a way that they understand. We need to set boundaries and then hold them accountable to those boundaries. Corrections allow us to create clear boundaries about what isn’t allowed and what shouldn’t be done. A correction needs to be clear, NOT cruel. Every dog is different, so we read your dog and let them tell us the type and level of correction needed.


Do you use treats (positive reinforcement) to train?

For puppies? Yes! It is the best way to get that ADHD puppy brian to focus, but as dogs get older we don’t want to depend on treats for obedience. There’s also a difference between luring and marking. Treats tend to excite and fixate the dog's brain and I want to move towards developing the right relationship. Your dog should listen to you because of who you are, not just because they are going to get something. Every dog is different in how they respond and part of being a trainer is the ability to read your dog and find out what's best for them

Do you offer board and training?

I do offer board and training for dogs who are over 16 weeks who are crate trained. Scheduling is based on my calendar and availability. The dogs live and sleep in my home as if they were my personal dog.

Free consultation

Not sure how to get started finding help for you and your dog? Give me a call. I’d be happy to give you a professional opinion on the options and costs that are available to you.

Sam Scotti
Experienced Dog Trainer Sam Scotti
Sam Scotti

Certified Dog Trainer

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